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    Photography and Videography

    Our Drones have 4K cameras that can record in any video format up to 4K @ 60fps. We generally record everything in 4K at all times as we can easily downscale the video as needed. This gives our customers maximum flexibility. The Drones we use all have live HD feeds directly back to the Iphone on the controllers. Our customers can see exactly what is being filmed and have live input into the final product as its being filmed. We encourage customers to get involved and value your input immensely.

    The still camera function on our Drones offers incredible detail at 20 megapixels which is big enough for almost any application (even a billboard). Our Drones shoot in RAW format so the editing and the finished product are simply breathtaking. We can even shoot burst mode to get a sequence or that absolutely perfectly framed shot. As we are real photographers/videographers we add this element to our service offerings.